Netflix Streaming Gems – I Love You Phillip Morris

You don’t look so good bro.

like the Farrelly brothers tossed a fresh Leonardo Decaprio’s Catch Me If you Can salad with Heath Ledger’s Brokeback Mountain sprinkled on top.

Can you remember the first time you experienced Jim Carrey? For me, Once Bitten where he plays a virgin high school student being stalked by a milf vampire. I warn you now, do not waste your time on this 80’s disco vampire movie. Who would have thought that Carrey would become one of the top actors of our generation? Hmmmmm nada. Until Let me show you something, Fire Marshall Bill was introduced on In Living Color.  A superstar is born!  Fast forward to 2009 after completing 20 featured films 9 of which are a must see, I Love You Phillip Morris is released, That’s a spicy meatball.

What would you do for happiness? Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) would pour oil on a grocery store aisle and create a law suit classic Carrey fall. Russell grows up seeing wieners in the clouds while learning a life changing truth of being adopted. He evolves into a relentless charming liar who falls in love with the sweetest man in the world Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). The movie feels as if you are a racing rally car with Jim Carrey behind the wheel hugging effortlessly around a sharp corners of cons while Ewan McGregor sits faithfully in the passenger seat.  You will consistently laugh for the entire ride while sensing a dreadful cliff ahead.

You guessed it, I’m a Jim Carrey fan.   But don’t let my Bias detour you in another direction, so put this movie on your queue and relive why Jim Carrey is the man. Can you dig it?  If not, JERK OFF.

Title: I Love You Phillip Morris

Genre: Comedy Drama Romance

Rating: R

Length: ~0.071 day

Release Date: 2009


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