Netflix Streaming Gems – A Cat in Paris

Vive La France!

reminds me of Nick Nolte’s Three Fugitives painted with Tomm Moore’s The Secret of the Kells.

It surprises me how many incredible stories the Biz decides to produce into animated films. In most cases, the story would be an incredible live action film. Now take into account the production costs, the reasonable choice is to sometimes animate the film. Good for us, animation has no bounds.

From 80s to present,  there was an incredible progression from traditional ink and paint cartooning to Computer Generated Imagery animation. The driving focus to produce gorgeous eye candy realistic animation. With majority being CGI, there is nothing like being blown away by an old school flip paper art production. Stage screens open…A Cat in Paris

The story of a widowed female police detective and her mute daughter recovering from a traumatic event while unknowingly sharing a brave feline’s companionship with a valiant cat burglary. The characters are perfectly developed through this exponentially accelerating thriller while maintaining a PG rating through immaculately placed jokes for the children. The success of this movie is due to 4 people:

  • Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli writing and directing an amazing thriller that can be enjoyed by adults and children.
  • Serge Bresset composing a soundtrack that seems to pull you into every scene.
  • Jacques-Remy Girerd unique simplistic art style that achieves beauty without wasted focus of creating realistic hair.

Pop a bag of corn, gather your family, and enjoy this animated film.  Can u dig it?  If not, your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Title:  A Cat in Paris

Genre:  French Family Animated Thriller

Rating:  PG

Length:  Perfectly short

Release date:  2010

English Dubbed:  Is this going to be a dubbed such as crappy ones for kung-fu movies?  No, this is professionally done comparable to Pixar’s dub work on Hayao Miyazaki films.  Anjelica Huston, Matthew Modine, and Marcia Gay Harden agreed to be voices in the US dub.


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