Netflix Streaming Gems – The Pact

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strikes fear as if being chased by something composed of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ The Silence of the Lambs and Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity.

Why do I watch scary movies?  Queue creepy music, I’m instantly peeking glimpses of the scene through laced fingers covering my eyes.  Plus add to the fact, I’m looking over my shoulders and having trouble sleeping hours after the end.  Those are the exact reasons.  There something special when a visual and acoustic experienced story has such a dominant effect on yourself.  Waiting under your bed, The Pact.

Oh boy oh boy, Nicholas McCarthy (director and writer) doesn’t waste any time rubbing in the creepy.  He skillfully weaves a tale of Annie (Caity Lotz), tormented in her youth, forced to help her sister handle the affairs after their mother’s death.  Arriving at her mother’s lovely house, strange events start to surface.  For his feature film directorial debut, McCarthy’s product seems like an accomplishment of a seasoned director.  He is able to make a low budget movie that not only scares your nipples off, but at the same time, finding yourself urging Annie to investigate a creepy room to collect more info.  I tell you what, if Annie and I switched places, the movie would have been a complete dud.  I would have bounced on the first sign of trouble.

As the kids are dreaming of Santa Claus, don’t look for that typical holiday movie, spice it up a bit, and live The Pact.  Don’t you want to see another good Casper Van Dien movie besides Starship Troopers.

Title:  The Pact

Genre:  Horror Mystery Thriller

Rating:  R

Length:  89 mins

Release date:  2012


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