Netflix Streaming Gems – Last Ride

Jesus, that person is standing on water.  Photo courtesy of

Jesus, that person is standing on water. Photo courtesy of

like watching a crack addicted version of Ed O’Neill’s Dutch.

29 December 2012, I drove from Tampa FL to my home in Apex NC.  I was able to complete the trip in 10 hours starting from 7 AM and finishing at 5 PM ET.  I know what you are thinking, “Damn that is fast”.  You’re damn right.  The trip completely exhausted my physically energy.  Plus I left my mother, sister, and two nieces.   Let’s just say, I was tiny sad too.   I decided my relaxation would be to watch the Australian movie Last Ride.  By the end of the movie, I was balancing myself on the edge of falling into the fetal position crying a river.  Of course, I didn’t.  I’m a MAN.   Real men only cry to movies like Last of the Mohicans, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Forrest Gump.  Right?

Last Ride placed my emotional state on 90 minute roller coaster.  Ex-con Kev (Hugo Weaving) is forced to escape with his preteen son Chook (Tom Russell) deep into the bush of Australia.  The short adventure allows Kev to roughly guide Chook through many life lessons.  Unknowingly father saves his son’s life.

Weaving and Russell perfectly complement each other in every scene that dramatically flip from delight to pure pain.  Their chemistry is just darn right perfect.  Everyone remembers Hugo Weaving as cool shades Agent Smith from the Matrix Trilogy, however I will remember him from this performance.  If you want to fill 90 minutes of your life with a drama adventure, check this movie out.

Title:  Last Ride

Genre:  Australian Drama Adventure

Rating:  NR

Length:  98 mins

Release date:  2009


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