Netflix Streaming Gems – The Chaser (Chugyeogja)

Mr. Clean needs to get into that bathroom.  Photo courtesy of

Mr. Clean needs to get into that bathroom. Photo courtesy of

like eating Christian Bale’s American Psycho with a shit load of kimchi.

It wasn’t long ago when the general attitude toward Korean products was pretty low.  Nowadays, you can’t look anywhere without seeing Korean cars, mobile phones, televisions, Gangnam Style assaulting your senses, or even fridges for the upper class ;-).  In the same style, the Korean movie industry is belting out many amazing films.  This is a full on Asian invasion.  The Chaser is a good choice for your first ride on the Seoultrain.

A former detective turned pimp, Joong-ho Eom (Yun-seok Kim) copes with two tricks on the lam.  After setting up another romantic encounter, he discovers the caller’s id is the same number who was last with the two missing girls.  He begins a ravenous chase through the streets of Seoul to find the caller and his missing hoes.

A bow of respect toward Hong-jin Na (Director and Co-writer).  His first feature film delivers one of the best crime thrillers I have seen to date.  He chose the mountainous back roads of Seoul as the location.  Combined with the cinematography, they sharpen the edge of the story.  He drives the story deeper with amazing performances from each actor.   In particular, Yun-seok Kim develops Joong-ho from an asshole pimp to a lion with a heart of gold.  Nothing stops a Joong-ho train from reaching the next destination.  Let some Korean in your life and watch this movie with a hot bowl of ramen.

Title:  The Chaser

Genre:  South Korean Crime Thriller

Rating:  NR (but I would say R)

Length:  125 mins

Release Date:  2008

Language:  Korean (English Subtitled)


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