A Merry Night of Firsts

Blazing Snow Man!

Blazing Snow Man!

I’m drinking a Jack and coke slowly being taking over by the chill of melting ice.  I sit on my couch watching “American Horror Story” waiting to start the night.  As go time comes closer and closer, we start playing some videos games to clear our heads.  As the clock strikes 7 PM, we make our way toward Durham, NC.

Despite the dreaded toll charges, I decide to take I-540 to Triangle Expressway 147.  Being the only car on the road cutting through the night with my blazing Xenon rays, I realize that this is my first time night driving on this new portion of I-540.  Beauty passing by in their own produced illumination, you are reminded of the man tracking through brilliant flashes of the toll cameras.  This road was designed to be traveled on a nice clear night.

Reaching downtown Durham, I park in very convenient parking deck off North Mangum Street.  A chilly walk down East Main Street, I find myself walking looking around every direction in awe of established statuesque Durham.  I make a quick mental note to include this area more in my future.  Downtown Durham continues to rise to the occasion.

My belly grumbles breaking me away from my deep thought.  We decide to eat at the famous Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.  For anyone that knows me, I have been craving to eat at this establishment for a long time.  Well, here I was walking in with my gut barking in excitement to the charging smells of waffle and fried chicken.  I decide to order the Red Creasted Rose Comb with Mean Greens recommended by the waitress.  What is Red Creasted Rose Comb?

  • Two Fried Chicken Legs
  • A Classic Waffle
  • Candied Pecans
  • Strawberry Shmear  (What the hell is a Shmear? Dame’s states “Shmears” are made of sweet crème butters that have been delicately whipped with the freshest natural ingredients available.  I would say a gift from the gods.)

As the waitress lays down our dishes, I have never seen a more beautiful prepared waffle meal.  This day forth, all waffles should hit the gym to strive to be like Dame’s.  Let me tell ya during the intake, I almost busted a nut several times.  Pardon my vulgarity, but I couldn’t figure out a better way to describe the flavors produced by Dame’s kitchen.  I was taking a bite of each item chewing them into an emulsion of liquid gold washing it down with Chapel Hill’s tasty Copper Line Ale.  Bravo Dame’s bravo.

With yummy in our tummy, we make our way towards our destination The Pinhook to open our hearts to Raleigh’s The Small Ponds opening for Chapel Hill’s Birds and Arrows.  If you enjoy live music and haven’t been to the Pinhook, mark it as a future mission to accomplish.  It is a very quaint place with small stage and a back patio with a tremendous view of DPAC, neon Bull, Lucky Strike chimney and water tower.

Not a complete Scrooge during the holidays, but I bah humbug decorating my house and live covers of holiday songs.  Walking in noticing a lit plastic Santa Clause and a fanged toothed snow man, ugh the first time seeing both bands and it’s a Christmas show.  To my surprise, I’m smiling and swaying to the entire set including a few carols covered.  In particular, The Small Ponds cover of “The Little Drummer Boy” (my favorite Christmas song) and Birds & Arrows cover of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.  There own unique style was added to each cover, even with occasional mistakes, both bands jolly manner really sent a dose of Merry straight into the veins.  Andrea Connolly’s angelic voice and Josh Starmer’s rich cello (Birds & Arrows) iced the cake with their Ave Maria.  If you’re a fan of folk/country/rock and enjoy a violin (The Small Ponds) and a cello (Birds & Arrows), you must check out these bands.  Thank you The Small Ponds and Birds & Arrows for a Merry ending to our night.

Merry Christmas!