!!SPOILER ALERT!! Black Panther: Erik Killmonger Should Be King?



++++++!!SPOILER ALERT!!++++++++

++++++!!SPOILER ALERT!!++++++++

++++++!!SPOILER ALERT!!++++++++

A few things before I start, Black Panther was great.  It is up there with Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Captain America: Civil War, to name a few.  So, I’m not trying to knock this movie at all.  Merely pointing out a interesting “decision” by the Ryan Coogler (Director and Co-Writer).  Everything I’m about to state is based on my memory of the movie.  As flawed as it may be, something to consider in your reaction.

King Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) was illegally prevented from finishing his rule.  Former King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman [incredible last name]) ended his reign via military coup.  Huh….What you mean military coup?

Rewind many scenes before, I remember specifically that the Wakanda’s law allowed Killmonger (not King yet) to legally challenge T’Challa to be the ruler of Wakanda.  The challenge being a fight to the death or tap out.  As Killmonger was about to perform his death stroke, Zuri (the incredible Forest Whitaker) illegally enters the combat arena blocking the blow.  Mind you, this blow would have killed the helpless T’Challa.

In swift justice, Killmonger kills Zuri for breaking a cardinal law.  Instead of savagely killing T’Challa in front of the entire kingdom and his family, he sacrificially tosses the helpless man into the waterfall.  He spared the King’s life.

What you mean spared?  Yes it was a tall waterfall.   But I’m sure there are quite a few Wakandians that have survived the fall.  I bet they were not a King/Black Panther either.

At this point, T’Challa is no longer the King.  He has been beaten and should at least gave this new King Killmonger a chance.  Nope, he is reunited with his family and ex through the help of the mountain clan.  He is miraculously restored back to 100% health.

T’Challa immediately plans a military coup against King Killmonger.  During the planning stage, the mountain clan that saved his life refused to be part of his military coup.  Yet, he continues on his illegal misson.

T’Challa reintroduces himself by ripping through a Wakanda Air Force transport ship most likely killing an innocent pilot.  King Killmonger has the full backing of one tribe and the royal guard, yet he continues his military coup.  The royal guard eventually joins the military coup adding turmoil to the situation.

T’Challa cripples King Killmonger in the final match.  Being offered a chance to live, King Killmonger decides to kill himself instead of wanting to live through Wakanda receding back into secrecy.  King T’Challa reigns again!  His first act is to open a shelter in a large city.

Pretty weak initial response to pay homage to deceased King Killmonger.  At the minimum, he should have opened one in every major world city.  I mean it’s Wakanda, they have all the money!

For those who have seen the movie, your first line of defense was that King Killmonger was trying to take over the world.   He was a bad man.  From my view point, we had very little to determine if that was the case.

Sure sure, King Killmonger was planning on giving advance Wakanda weaponry to supporters around the world.  The goal to allow black people to rule.  Wait what…this is starting to sound like a pretty noble objective.

But Jimmy, King Killmonger would have done it through force.   If my memory serves me correct, there were only like maybe 15 ships transporting this Wakanda weaponry.  Does 15 ships (roughly caring a single semi truck normal load of basically spears with a force push) enough to take over the world (especially with the Avengers around)?

Maybe, King Killmonger was sending this small number of ships to certain places in Africa.  I started to think about this combined with the feeling of seeing Wakanda on first fly in.  Africa united under one government/ruler, just think of the possibilities…  Erik Killmonger should be King?