Hector and the Search for Happiness | Pegg charmingly melts your heart


– Please remain in your seat until flight comes to a complete stop..

Bless me Father, for I have sinned.  My last blog post was 464 days ago.  Since my last post, there has honestly been several movies worth the key strokes.  Alas, the lazy virus took the best of me.  Luckily, I had a 24-hour energy boaster drink that allowed me to write these words..

Psychiatrist Hector (Simon Pegg) finally sees the bore that is his life.  He abruptly decides to leave his perfect girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) to go on a global journey in search of happiness.  Thus unfolds the adventure of a life time.

As expected, you will experience Pegg’s amazing comedy.  But, you will be surprised by his skills as an actor.  His ability to transfer his scene’s emotions to you are just unbelievable.

Adding to Pegg’s performance; you are treated with a great soundtrack, artistic use of Hector’s travel journal, and the great cameo performances (including Jean Reno, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, and Toni Collette).  Hopefully, this will be enough to entice you to add this to the must see list.  Because by the time you reach the credits, you will be filled with a warm light.

Title: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Genre:  Adventure Comedy Drama

Rating:  R

Length:  114 minutes

Year Released:  2014

Viewed Through:  Netflix Streaming

Another Zero in the System | Thats One Badass Gangsta Film

Is that a Saturn?  Image by James R G

Is that a Saturn?

Who doesn’t like a good ole gangsta film?  Slang dialogue shot from the HIP packing a GAT held by an aggressive gangsta.  You have to appreciate something that paints a picture of the unfortunate life of many.  When these movies are done well, you really appreciate your own luck.

Earl Coleman (Mike Simmons) loses his sister to drugs while in prison.  From that moment on, he condemns his ex gangsta life style.  The thugs are still in town, and Earl must live his clean life surrounded by filth.

Tim McCann must be an OG cause he writes/directs/films/produces/edits a very raw unfiltered view of the hood.  The up close and personal camera work really adds a layer of intensity that allows you to actually feel the tension of the scene.  By performing 5 of the key roles, McCann saves a portion of this small budget to bring on some fantastic  talent.  In particular, Mike Simmons genuinely delivers a righteous individual fighting to control his sanity.

Help this team out; spark a jay, sit back, and enjoy this undiscovered film.

Title:  Another Zero in the System

Genre:  Crime Drama

Rating:  R

Length:  84 minutes

Year Released:  2013

Viewed Through:  Netflix Streaming

Netflix Flex Biceps With Arrested Development Season 4

Time for my Bluth fix.  Photo courtsey of www.castleawesome.com.

Time for my Bluth fix. Photo courtsey of http://www.castleawesome.com.

May 27 2013, I just Netflix streamed the entire 4th season of Arrested Development.  Seven years have passed since the last episode aired on TV.  What can I say, Bravo Netflix Bravo.

I wasn’t planning on writing a review, however reading some negative ones, I felt obligated to throw in my two cents.  The new season has many factors that deserve praise:

  • The entire main cast, vast supporting cast, Mitchell Hurwitz (creator), past writers, and even Ron Howard return for this season.  Kudos to Netflix for getting the band back together.
  • Just the shire amount of familiar faces that grace this season is a good enough reason to watch. Such as Ben Stiller, Isla Fisher, Seth Rogen, the list just goes on.  In particular that added alittle extra boast to my smile was the appearance of the cast of Workaholics and Conan O’Brien.
  • The structure of the new season.  The 15 episode season covers the entire seven years between the last aired Fox episode and the Netflix release.  However, the approach is quite unique.  Each episode focuses on a specific main character who’s story line runs parallel and intersecting paths with the other characters.  I would compare it to a bowl of messy spaghetti.  You pick one noodle slurping it into your mouth watching it untangle itself through all the other al dente noodles.  You repeat this process until the bowl is empty.  For a brief moment, you are sadden by the marinara lined bowl with no noodles.  Then leaning back, you belch rubbing your belly realizing that you are full from a delicious meal.
  • Let the good times roll.  The comedic style of the new season is an exact match to the previous seasons.  So, hardcore fans will continue to roll on the ground even when the comedy is some what predictable.  From Gob’s inappropriate magic tricks to Buster’s continuous issues with his hand replacement.  You just can’t get enough.

Warning, do not give up early in the new season.  As you watch deeper into the the season, the jokes start compounding on top of each other resulting in a delicious mess.  The episodes are under 30 minutes.  Do yourself a favor, watch at least the first 6 episodes before you decide to call it quits.

Some will give Netflix hell on such an open ended new season.  Plus with all hints of a future production, this gives us some sort of assurance that Netflix will continue the Bluths story in another installment(s).  I look forward to it.

For the original programming I have viewed, Neflix is 2 for 4 at the plate.  The two hits being House of Cards and Arrested Development Season 4.  The two misses being Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove.  If you think about that, this is pretty good stats for a new player in the original content game.  Netflix pat yourself on the back.    Keep up the good work.

“Pussy beats fatherhood! Okay?” -Klown

The kid has terrible form.  Photo courtesy of screencrush.com

The kid has terrible form. Photo courtesy of screencrush.com

reminds me of a better version of Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy.

Celebrating the 2013 New Year, I successfully created a 14 Miller can wizard staff.  Let’s just say, I was intoxicated enough to relieve myself in the hosts’ front yard.  They were not happy.

What was your last bad decision?  They are a continuous part of life constantly placing you in the negative.  Never forget, life needs balance through generous actions.  Klown does an exceptional job capturing this life war.

Frank (Frank Hvam) receives shocking news of being a future father.  He proceeds to make several bad decisions quickly falling out of favor with his wife.  To win back the trust, he kidnaps his wife’s nephew on the “Tour de Pussy” canoe trip with sleezy friend Casper (Casper Christensen).

Hvam and Christensen (also co-writers) are a perfect comedic tag team.  They effortlessly bounce off each other filling the movie with their dark jokes.  Whiling laughing my ass off, I couldn’t help feel alittle bit of guilt.  I mean how often are you going to laugh at a grown whitey tightied man fleeing a house being robbed instead of staying to protect a sleeping boy.  Use the bathroom before watching this Danish movie, I would hate for you to piss your pants.

Title:  Klown (Klovn: The Movie)

Genre: Danish Dark Comedy

Rating: R

Length:  1 h 31 m

Year Released:  2010

Viewed Through:  Netflix Streaming

Language:  Danish

Subtitled:  English

“You speak in Michael Bolton lyrics.” -A Bag of Hammers

Why are you staring at me?  Photo courtesy of schedule.sxsw.com.

Why are you staring at me? Photo courtesy of schedule.sxsw.com.

Like the warmth of a fire fueled by Hugh Grant’s About a Boy and being poked to life by hipsters.

Lately, I have seen great movies that are actually the director’s first feature film.  How does one accomplish perfection on the first try?  Sure practice and education always helps, but your first at bat in the majors should be a lesson.  In the end, you have to be fortunate to have a great team.  Each member must rise to the occasion.  Brian Crano (director and co-writer) had a great team making A Bag of Hammers.

Ben (Jason Ritter) and Alan (Jake Sandvig) are witty blood brothers (no relation).  You could live your entire life and never see a bromance this strong.  They live a stress free life funded by tag team cons.    Their life takes a unexpected turn when resilient kid Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury) and his frustrated mother Lynette (Carrie Preston) move into their front yard rental.

Close your eyes and imagine just finishing a crappy day.  You lag home eager to _____.  Having trouble filling in the blank, how about cracking open a beer and smoking a cig on the front steps…eating a slice of warm apple pie…or smothering yourself with family.  Now, hold that feeling of spreading relaxation.  This movies repeatedly recreates that feeling.

NOTE:  Every movie should row deleted scenes during the credits.  This added a sweet touch.

Title:  A Bag of Hammers

Genre:  Comedy Drama

Rating:  NR (but I would say PG-13)

Length: 85 mins

Release Date:  2011

Viewed: Netflix Streaming